Donuts Up Muffins Down

Eat a donut. Instead of a muffin. It’s a healthier choice.

And really that’s what life is about. Not making the healthiest choice, but making incremental sustainable changes towards overall improvement.

And let’s be honest, you want the donut more anyway. It just got a bad rap for a long time and left you with the impression a muffin is healthier because it has a blueberry in it.

Many small sustainable changes add up to produce big results. Chocolate chip cookies for example. One normal size good chocolate chip cookie is 100 calories. And let’s say you eat one every afternoon during work as a quick break and small reward.

100 calories x 5 days x 50 work weeks in one year = 25,000 calories

And the science shows 1 lb of fat is equal to roughly 3,500 calories… That chocolate chip cookie can put 7 1/4 lbs of fat on you by the end of the year.

What I’m saying here isn’t anything new. Many years ago it was popularized in the book Eat This, Not That

I’m not suggesting you stop taking a break in the afternoon to snack on something you like eating that’s a bit of a reward for working hard that day. What I am saying though is that maybe there is another, healthier, choice you can make. Or train yourself to crave.

A lot of food choices are simply learned patterns. Even the choice to eat or not is a learned habit. So reach for the donut instead of the muffin and make a small change you can live with and will have real results.

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