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  • Willpower for Lima Beans

    Willpower for Lima Beans

    Sometimes it’s just going to come down to willpower. And I’m thinking about something my Mom told me long ago when I was a kid.

  • Safe and Saves Lives

    Call it what you want, Science works.

  • Can You Be Bored Without Harming Yourself?

    When given the opportunity to ­self-administer a mild electric shock with a button, 67 percent of men and 25 percent of women pressed it at least once to help pass the time.

  • Donuts Up Muffins Down

    Eat a donut. Instead of a muffin. It’s a healthier choice. And really that’s what life is about. Not making the healthiest choice, but making incremental sustainable changes towards overall improvement.

  • Hardwood Floor Soul

    Bare feet on old #hardwoodfloors is good for the soul. — Charles Bartlett (@bartlettcharles) May 25, 2015

  • 850 Gallons for a Steak

    The hard truth is that eating “American” Paleo is not environmentally sustainable. Not at the world’s population growth rate. The Los Angeles Times published a great interactive post allowing you to select different foods to learn the amount of water required to produce and prepare them.