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  • Eat Less

    Eat Less

    As often said, “You build muscle in the gym. And lose fat in the kitchen.” The New York Times reports on a recent study in Current Biology titled, ‘Energy compensation and adiposity in humans’ There are plenty of reasons to exercise. But it appears burning fat is not the most compelling reason.

  • Donuts Up Muffins Down

    Eat a donut. Instead of a muffin. It’s a healthier choice. And really that’s what life is about. Not making the healthiest choice, but making incremental sustainable changes towards overall improvement.

  • The vegetarian Impossible Burger

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to try a plant-based burger that is famous for “bleeding”. Meaning, you can order a medium-rare burger and it will actually look like a beef burger that is red as rare inside. This amazing food invention is made by Impossible Foods and they are doing some good work here in creating […]

  • Drink Diet Soda to Lose Weight

    Sure, obviously drinking water is a great idea. But there is no credible evidence indicating you will be harmed by drinking diet soda. And there is the upside of saving 150 calories over a regular soda. The evidence supports artificial sweeteners over sugar…

  • Eat Good and Cheap for $4 a Day

    It’s true. With some work and planning, you can eat very healthy on $4 a day. I think everyone should eat great food every day. Eating well means learning to cook. It means banishing the mindset that preparing daily meals is a huge chore or takes tremendous skill. Leanne Brown has made the cookbook available […]

  • That’s a bargain fo me ?

    So I buy a dozen donuts. And then you give me the pieces that you removed for another $1?