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  • Day 5 2023 : National Bird Day

    Day 5 2023 : National Bird Day

    That is what today is. National Bird day. But birds aren’t real. So is this national day of recognition all part of the ruse? Birds are truly a mammal that stands out (if that is what they are…). For most of my life I was not a fan. Only in recent years have I found […]

  • Day 4 2023 : Back to Back

    Two days in a row. That’s a start. The only thing keeping me going for the last two weeks has been this NeilMed Nasal Wash bottle. Without it, I would definitely be dealing with a major sinus infection and be on some serious antibiotics. Had I known about the NeilMed bottle decades ago, I would […]

  • Day 3 2023 : Recommitment to Blogging

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s January so it’s my annual recommitment to blogging. I do this every year and then fall of the wagon. But I’m buoyed by a few things that are different this year. If social media teaches you anything, it’s that you should not put your personal information, photos, and memories into […]