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  • Our Center of the Universe

    Our Center of the Universe

    I recall watching Star Trek : The Voyage Home and thinking it was cool detail that it was set in San Francisco. That of all places in the Galaxy and Universe, Star Fleet Headquarters is based in the City by the Bay. What really made San Francisco special, Bernardi says, was its progressivism and diversity.…

  • Cows Aren’t Real

    Cows Aren’t Real

    As many of you know, Birds Aren’t Real. Even more worrying, they are expanding their capabilities and types to include heavier, more destructive forms. It’s true, there are cow drones among us. As evidence, I submit to you this photograph of a cow recharging at a hidden bovine docking station.

  • The Real R2D2

    The Real R2D2

    Decades after watching Star Wars as a boy I got to see the real R2. The truly amazing thing is that each of us has our own R2-unit that follows us everywhere we go. We refer to them as “phones”. But they calculate your navigation, remind you of important information, and perform a wide range…

  • Day 5 2023 : National Bird Day

    Day 5 2023 : National Bird Day

    That is what today is. National Bird day. But birds aren’t real. So is this national day of recognition all part of the ruse? Birds are truly a mammal that stands out (if that is what they are…). For most of my life I was not a fan. Only in recent years have I found…

  • Day 4 2023 : Back to Back

    Two days in a row. That’s a start. The only thing keeping me going for the last two weeks has been this NeilMed Nasal Wash bottle. Without it, I would definitely be dealing with a major sinus infection and be on some serious antibiotics. Had I known about the NeilMed bottle decades ago, I would…

  • Day 3 2023 : Recommitment to Blogging

    Happy New Year everyone! It’s January so it’s my annual recommitment to blogging. I do this every year and then fall of the wagon. But I’m buoyed by a few things that are different this year. If social media teaches you anything, it’s that you should not put your personal information, photos, and memories into…