Day 4 2023 : Back to Back

Two days in a row. That’s a start. The only thing keeping me going for the last two weeks has been this NeilMed Nasal Wash bottle. Without it, I would definitely be dealing with a major sinus infection and be on some serious antibiotics.

Had I known about the NeilMed bottle decades ago, I would probably have avoided 3/4s of the serious bacterial cold inflections I had. The kind that put you on antibiotics after a couple of weeks.

I really can not recommend this thing enough.

So I highly recommend it. And yes, you will get used to it. But there are some important things to know and ALWAYS do:

  1. Use distilled water. Always. Not tap water. The last thing you want is some kind of brain infection from bacteria.
  2. Use only ONE medical-grade sodium packet. If you use two, you will instantly realize the mistake you have made. Painfully.
  3. Use it frequently every 1-3 hours until your energy is fully back.
  4. After you have sprayed a cup of water up your nose, bend ALL the way over to drain it. Like almost upside down. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised by an ounce of water coming out of your nose 5-10 minutes later. Funny how those nasal passages hold onto things….

That’s all I got at 6:30 in the morning with half a cup of coffee in me. See you tomorrow… hopefully.