Day 5 2023 : National Bird Day

That is what today is. National Bird day. But birds aren’t real. So is this national day of recognition all part of the ruse?

Birds are truly a mammal that stands out (if that is what they are…). For most of my life I was not a fan. Only in recent years have I found a real appreciation for the enormous variety and complexity of characteristics.

There are certain specific things, that if present, can reliably indicate you are in a good place to live.

  1. People riding bicycles.
  2. Cities with many trees.
  3. Neighborhoods with many birds.

In order for those things to be present in abundance, there are many other things that have to be present and working to sustain those three things.

If you find a city or town with those three things, you can feel confident you have found a great place to live.