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  • It’s In The Eyes

    Engadget published a great article on the psychology around putting eyes on a tip jar. Fascinating that we instinctively respond more favorable to things that we perceive has having a “face”.

  • The Greatest Photographic Image Mankind has Ever Produced

    The Hubble Legacy Field image is the greatest photographic image mankind has ever produced because it is the culmination of human and scientific pursuits since the beginning of our existence. Everything we have ever done has got us to the point of producing this image. For more information please visit the home page of the […]

  • Why I Follow Formula 1 Racing

    Why bother to make even lighter models? The firm points out that over half of wheelchair users end up with upper body damage over the years. Aside from the materials, “in order to ease these chances the wheels have been positioned in closer proximity to the user which helps to increase propelling efficiency.” Reported by […]

  • Be a Troll and Do No Harm

    If he could change the narrative, he said, he’d want people to refer to his style as "bringing a banana to a gun fight. If you haven’t heard of Ken M then you are seriously missing out. He represents what "trolling" was meant to be. Unfortunately the activity has been taken over and distorted to […]

  • The Way You Draw a Circle Says a Lot About You

    Take out a piece of paper (go ahead — we’ll wait), then draw a simple circle. Did you draw it clockwise, or counterclockwise? What about location —did you start at the top or the bottom? It might sound crazy, but you can actually learn quite a bit about a person’s background from the way they […]

  • How to Misinform People with Blogs and Make Money

    A situation we all know too well A week ago I found myself debating the future of jobs with someone I have not met and do not know. And inevitably it reached the point of battling with information sources. And this is where every online discussion goes off the rails. Eventually an information source is […]