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  • Birds Aren’t Real

    Birds Aren’t Real “It’s about holding up a mirror to America in the Internet age,” the movement’s 23-year-old founder, Peter McIndoe, told the New York Times in a Dec. 9 profile. And though he’s publicly remained in character since starting Birds Aren’t Real in 2017, McIndoe says it’s now time to own the hoax and begin working […]

  • Safe and Saves Lives

    Call it what you want, Science works.

  • Wealth Distribution

  • Infrastructure is Everywhere

    I just want to state unequivocally that the power NEVER went out during the Summer when I was a kid. During the Winter, sure… because a lightning strike hit a transformer somewhere.

  • You Should Listen to Paxton Smith

    I am more confident about the future after listing to Paxton Smith on the Pivot podcast. Paxton is the bright, intelligent, and bold valedictorian who hijacked her own speech to say what was really on her mind in the wake of the anti-choice legislation signed by Texas Governor Greb Abbott.

  • Can You Be Bored Without Harming Yourself?

    When given the opportunity to ­self-administer a mild electric shock with a button, 67 percent of men and 25 percent of women pressed it at least once to help pass the time.