John Ed De Vera Cuts Paper

Sometimes art can just be taken at face value and you can just appreciate for the attention to detail and precision. John Ed De Vera, based in the Philippines, is a multi-talented designer, passionate about cutting paper, lettering and experimenting with new media. His job pushes him to be in constant search of innovation, to … Continue reading John Ed De Vera Cuts Paper

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When Origami Meets Dance and Photography – Fubiz Media

It's rare that three forms of art come together in a credible and fun way. It would be interesting to see the dancers perform live. Montreal-based photographer Melika Dez recently released a new series. Entitled «PLI.É», this multidisciplinary project actually combines dance photography a — Read on

Banksy shreds for $1.7 Million

This is what sets Banksy apart. And on a broader scale, what sets artists apart. It's not about the art, but rather the intellectual presence to create the idea. Sure, anyone can do "that". But not everyone can think to do "that". The work, “Girl With Balloon,” a 2006 spray paint on canvas, was the … Continue reading Banksy shreds for $1.7 Million

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Pantone’s Purple Honoring Prince

Inspired by Prince's one-of-a-kind Yamaha purple piano, a new standardized custom color has been released by the Pantone Color Institute and the Prince Estate. Hard to think of another person that has such a specific signature color. One of the coolest purples I've seen. Not dark and gothic, but not bright and campy. Just right … Continue reading Pantone’s Purple Honoring Prince

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Carly Simon retraces creative steps

One of my favorite things is to listen to an artist of any kind retrace their creative steps. I understand why they're reluctant to do so because it's difficult. Building an idea is not like building a physical object. For this reason you usually see artists give a glib answer to get through the … Continue reading Carly Simon retraces creative steps

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