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  • California is Just Built Different

    California is Just Built Different
  • Moving Chains

    Stunning piece of kinetic art installation on display in New York in view of the Statue of Liberty. Moving Chains is on display through June of 2023. When stationary I expect it will be a powerful piece of art. When moving I expect it will be deeply disconcerting and emotional; which is good. The juxtaposition […]

  • Life is Good, Don’t Die From Covid

    Science is not political. Vaccines are not political. The Covid vaccines are PROVEN safe. The Covid virus is PROVEN to be lethal. Over 800,000 times.

  • Alpha Motor’s Ace Coupe

    The future of EV styling is definitely promising. The architecture and simplicity of the EV platform will allow a lot of new designs that otherwise would not be possible. The Ace Electric Coupe is stunning.

  • Agile Is Not New

    Agile is NOT new. Agile is how we have learned to do things since the beginning of time. How we challenged and learned about ourselves since we were born.

  • Not All Artists Wear Capes

    Tim Klein is equal parts artist, comedian, and cornball. And if what he does doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then there’s somethin’ wrong witcha’.