Road Warrior Recommendations

I do a fair amount of travelling for work and every trip fine tunes what I pack. Over time you figure out that some things work, some things don’t, and some things you find better versions of. I’ve been traveling with the following items for about 6 months and can definitely recommend them.

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Olight S1A Mini EDC

This little flashlight is incredibly bright and very small. The dimensions of it are about the size of your pinkie finger, so it’s also really easy to lose. I highly recommend deciding where you are going to store it in your bag and just leave it there. I can definitely vouch for it though and will buy another one if I lose it.

Purell 9022-10 Sanitizing Hand Wipes

If you’re getting on a plane, then you definitely need these. People talk about getting sick from the air, but that’s not it at all. You’re getting sick from touching the fold-down tray, the magazine pocket, the window, and even the seat belt. It goes without saying the bathroom is bad for you.

You need these. Yes, a box of 100.

Woolite Travel Laundry Liquid Soap

I’ve tried the travel Tide packets and they always seem too concentrated. The Woolite is just about right for bathroom sink laundry. Pack them in a ziploc bag because the last thing you need is one of those leaking all over your clothes.

Bestten 3 Outlet Portable Travel Surge Protector

Originally I bought this because there is NEVERĀ an abundance of electrical outlets in an office conference room. However, I’ve traveled to some remote areas where the hotel room didn’t have a convenient set of outlets. This is the second travel surge protector I’ve had and I would buy this one again if I lost it.

I like how the cord wraps around the outside of it so there’s nothing hanging out of it.