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  • AI Illustration

    AI Illustration

    The Dall-E AI image generator is steadily getting better. It’s not perfect. Some proportions are off. Some lines are subtly unnatural or incorrect. Not to mention clearly wrong items. But… it is a very remarkable illustration. And Dall-E produced it in 15 seconds.

  • You Need Better Search

    You Need Better Search

    I believe you should try Kagi Search for your web search results. I am only beginning to use it so I don’t have a solid opinion about it. But, based on their stated objective, I am optimistic about it. Updates to follow. Kagi Inc. is a company created with the mission to humanize the web.…

  • The Real R2D2

    The Real R2D2

    Decades after watching Star Wars as a boy I got to see the real R2. The truly amazing thing is that each of us has our own R2-unit that follows us everywhere we go. We refer to them as “phones”. But they calculate your navigation, remind you of important information, and perform a wide range…

  • Double Asteroid Redirection Test

    Double Asteroid Redirection Test

    DART is one of the most important things NASA is working on today. It’s not urgent. But developing the technology and know-how to keep an asteroid from slamming into the Earth is definitely one of the most important things. The first launch of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test will happen on September 26, 2022, at…

  • The Greatest Photographic Image Mankind has Ever Produced

    The Greatest Photographic Image Mankind has Ever Produced

    The Hubble Legacy Field image is the greatest photographic image mankind has ever produced because it is the culmination of human and scientific pursuits since the beginning of our existence. Everything we have ever done has got us to the point of producing this image. For more information please visit the home page of the…

  • Chindogu


    A good reminder that not everything has to be engineered with efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes a good product can just be engineered for fun.