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  • Indie Web Trend Future

    I’ve recently learned about the Indie Web movement and I am very excited about it. It signals a move back to the origins of the Internet, which is based on decentralization and personal ownership of content. Decentralization is important to the Internet because it helps keep any single entity from becoming too powerful. For example, […]

  • Humans Need Not Apply

    This is required watching for all parents. What happens when there are more people than the number of jobs we can create? If automation and robotics create a labor environment where all business needs can be met with 60% of the population, then how do we expect the remaining 40% to survive and grow? Past […]

  • Why Start a Newsletter?

    Hi… the following text is the introduction I sent in my first newsletter. Social media services have a problem Social media is based on the idea that we share information of all kinds to our friends or people we follow. And we have an expectation that social media services will share all of that information […]

  • BurgerBot to Eliminate Jobs for Teens

    One of the harsh realities creeping up on the middle-class blue collar worker is that robots are definitely on the verge of replacing jobs long thought to always exist. Remember when people use to sit in booths and take money from you to cross the bridge? I hope you don’t think cities are going to […]

  • Education to Understanding to Empathy

    Brendan Eich stepped down as CEO of Mozilla today and I find the dynamics of the situation a bit unsettling. I absolutely do not agree with Eich’s social beliefs. However, I would have rather seen the community engage him on this issue (separate from the business) in open and ongoing dialogue. If education is the precursor […]