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  • UBI is Personal Venture Capital Investment in You

    UBI is Personal Venture Capital Investment in You

    For decades the Tech industry, and society, has embraced the concept of venture capital funding. Where early investors provide funding and management knowledge and resources to grow a promising idea. A “startup” in other words.

  • Lethality of AI and Robotics

    Frankly, this video scared me a bit. I do believe we should pursue AI and robotic research. But proceed with great caution nonetheless. This is important video for people to watch, but I don’t believe it’s appropriate for kids.    

  • It’s not about being tough on crime

    It’s not about being “tough” on crime or “soft” on crime. It’s about using Data, Science, and social tactics to be smart on crime. Center for American ProgressCenter for American Progress Source: It’s Time to Get Smart on Crime