The Greatest Photographic Image Mankind has Ever Produced

The Hubble Legacy Field image is the greatest photographic image mankind has ever produced because it is the culmination of human and scientific pursuits since the beginning of our existence. Everything we have ever done has got us to the point of producing this image. For more information please visit the home page of the … Continue reading The Greatest Photographic Image Mankind has Ever Produced

When Origami Meets Dance and Photography – Fubiz Media

It's rare that three forms of art come together in a credible and fun way. It would be interesting to see the dancers perform live. Montreal-based photographer Melika Dez recently released a new series. Entitled «PLI.É», this multidisciplinary project actually combines dance photography a — Read on

Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoortdam

Several years ago I had the good fortune of going to Johannesburg South Africa. An adventure for sure in all the ways that word implies. But one of the true highlights was a trip to the Hartbeespoortdam Elephant Sanctuary. I can say with certainty that you want to live in a world in which you have … Continue reading Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoortdam