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  • How much do Influencers make?

    “The average influencer earns $2,970 per month according to HypeAuditor‘s ‘Influencer Income Survey’ – but that’s only once you get through the ‘micro influencer’ (10,000 followers) stage. Those trying to build up their followings can expect to earn around $1,420 per month – though some seem to bypass” $40k a post within three months of […]

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : Eehhhh

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : Eehhhh

    It was fine. Some interesting scenes. But just fine. Tarantino creates an homage to Hollywood and the actors within it. The controversy around the fight Bruce Lee fight scene is overblown.

  • Andor : What Star Wars Fans Deserved

    Andor is it. Andor is what Star Wars fans deserved instead of the prequels starting in 1999. There are only three episodes released so far, but without a doubt this is Star Wars as it should be. It is family-friendly, but it does not cater to kids. Andor is dark, menacing, and gritty. Disney walked […]

  • BlacKkKlansmen : Erin Brockovich meets Malcom X

    BlacKkKlansmen is a great movie about a very real event. It happened. Spike Lee balanced the seriousness of the story with the comedy of it. It’s definitely a must-watch film. Hard to watch at times. But it’s important. The ending is extraordinary.

  • Tenet : Inception meets Mission Impossible

    Tenet is a difficult movie to watch. A difficult movie to follow. And that is because it is a difficult movie to hear. This genre is right in my wheelhouse, but I really struggled with it. It’s Christopher Nolan movie. So I’m not going to dismiss the movie. I feel like there is more there […]

  • The Iron Giant : Boy meets Dog

    The Iron Giant is a storyline that is a very well-worn path. Boy has no friends. Boy finds dog. Boy and dog become friends. Their journey begins. For all its predictability, there are some unexpected things. Not in the story, but in the execution of the film. The character and scene animation is exceptional. The […]