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  • Friends Roasting

    Friends Roasting

    There are few things funnier than watching two friends go at each other with sharp wits. Two great legends of comedy.

  • Willpower for Lima Beans

    Sometimes it’s just going to come down to willpower. And I’m thinking about something my Mom told me long ago when I was a kid.

  • New Resolutions

    Just a short walk and talk video about New Year’s Resolutions and why making a resolution is not enough.

  • Birds Aren’t Real “It’s about holding up a mirror to America in the Internet age,” the movement’s 23-year-old founder, Peter McIndoe, told the New York Times in a Dec. 9 profile. And though he’s publicly remained in character since starting Birds Aren’t Real in 2017, McIndoe says it’s now time to own the hoax and begin working […]

  • Best Rock Intro of All Time

    When the Levee Breaks is without a doubt has the best Rock song introduction of all time.

  • A Comedian’s Comedian

    Norm McDonald is considered a comedy legend because he’s a comedian’s comedian. He made other comedians laugh.