Back to Work Podcast

Only recently have I started to listen to the Back to Work podcast in earnest. It’s a high value source of information for the finer aspects of personal productivity and at times GTD discussion. But it is one of those things that you have to be patient and let it build momentum.

The co-hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin spend the first 20 – 30 minutes recapping the prior week of random thoughts and points in their lives. There are some good laughs here and then you’ll notice the show drop into the heart of the episode. A noticeable change in the tone as they drop into the core topic with intensity.

Show #261 The Illusion of Ease was a good example of this. Towards the end of the show the core topic is GTD and how the co-hosts feel about it. I appreciated the explanation that GTD may be an absolute lifesaver at certain times in your life. But in other times, the weight of a full blown Getting Things Done regiment could just be too heavy.

The humor with it’s deep call-backs is right up my alley. However for others it may be a bit random at first. But give episode #261 a listen as I think it’s representative of what you can expect of other episodes and you will get some solid GTD and personal productivity insights for your time.