The World is a Stamp

It's unfortunate that everyday ordinary items are not designed with the same flourishes of detail that they were in decades of past. Whether something was a manhole cover, a pencil sharpener, or a building facade, designers, manufacturers, and builders invested great and time and expense into making things look interesting. Raubdruckerin (AKA Pirate Printer) press apparel reminds … Continue reading The World is a Stamp

It’s In The Eyes

Engadget published a great article on the psychology around putting eyes on a tip jar. Fascinating that we instinctively respond more favorable to things that we perceive has having a "face". Interestingly, the study found that had a noticeable but smaller effect on people when the supermarket was busy. During those hours, people contributed to … Continue reading It’s In The Eyes

YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA – DIY Photography

People read a headline and believe they know all there is to know. People also see pictures taken by "influencers" and believe them. Ignoring the fact that the word 'influence' is literally what the creator calls themselves. It could be precisely because of this trust, but also because people rarely take a good look at … Continue reading YouTuber pranks her followers with “photos from Bali” taken at her local IKEA – DIY Photography

Democrats Love a Good Fight (with each other)

I've recently begun listening to the Reply All podcast and came across a three part series that had me riveted. I have a habit of putting on a podcast with a 15 minute timer when I can't sleep late at night. This series came me awake for the next 2 hours because I HAD to … Continue reading Democrats Love a Good Fight (with each other)

Not All Artists Wear Capes

Puzzle mashup of train and horse

Tim Klein is equal parts artist, comedian, and cornball. And if what he does doesn't bring a smile to your face, then there's somethin' wrong witcha'. Klein creates puzzle mashups. And they are truly great. And as an enthusiastic public speaker, I'm available to give a fun 20-to-45-minute talk and slideshow about my adventures with the … Continue reading Not All Artists Wear Capes

Easier said than done

This is by far the best piece of modern self-help writing I have read in several years. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is obviously eye-catching, but goes surprisingly deep without wearing out the obvious schtick. I highly recommend the book. Because when we give too many fucks, when we choose to give … Continue reading Easier said than done